28 février 2016

Children need Maps


Why Children Still Need to Read (and Draw) Maps
Deborah Farmer Kris, PBS parents experts tips - via Seth Dixon

In a GPS world, where synthesized voices tell us when to turn...
a student who has acquired robust spatial thinking skills is at an advantage in our increasingly global and technical society
Books, difital resources, hands-On activities...


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14 août 2012

PBS - America Revealed



USA - Visualization of internet distribution - source mymodernmet

How does America function so well that, in general, its population is consistently sustaining its way of life? PBS's new traveling informational series titled America Revealed combines the use of photography and technology to present aerial shots of America with graphic visualizations to represent original data collected about the different interconnected systems that keep the country running everyday.
Le montage de plusieurs cartes est séduisant.

Lien vers BBBc 's Britain from Above :

AMERICA REVEALED explores the hidden patterns and rhythms that make America work.

Dans l'entrée Education, dix leçons à l'américaine,
par exemple, Lesson 6 : Crowded Skies, des radars au GPS
Imagining the Future of Air Transportation

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