19 août 2016

Cartographic Japan




- Cartographic Japan  A History in Maps (source Twitter JCF)
Kären Wigen, a geographer and historian at Stanford
Sugimoto Fumiko, a historian at the University of Tokyo
and Cary Karacas, a geographer at the College of Staten Island
+ 47 contributors. University of Chicago Press 16.03.2016
(20 pages , dont le sommaire, à consuter sur Google Books)



I - Visualizing the Realm : XVI to XVIIIth Century
Japan in the world
Domestic space

II - Public Places, Sacred Space
Mapping the city
Sacred sites and cosmic visions

III - Modern Maps for Imperial Japan
defining the borders
transforming the landscape
managing an Empire

IV - Still under construction : Cartography and Technology since 1945
up from ashes
growing pains in a global metropolis
new directions in the Digital Age

extraits :
« Cartographic Japan is divided into four parts. The first section, covering the 16th through 18th centuries, explores the rise of a “robust cartographic culture” ranging from small maps of villages by and for local elites to massive artworks that found their way to European markets ».

Part II of the collection is largely concerned with the 18th- and 19th-century rise of commercial cartography

In Part III, attention shifts to the proliferation of maps chronicling Japan’s urbanization, industrialization, militarization, and expansion from the mid-19th century through the end of World War II

The final part of the collection is devoted to mapping after 1945 — an understudied era
The newly salient phenomenon of citizen mapping in the wake of earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011 »



Nagoya 1821

-  Cartography in Japan
Unno Kazutaka, chap 11

History of Cartography, John Brian Harley & David Woodward,U Chicago Press 1994

+ chap 14,
Japanese Celestial Cartography before the Meiji Period, Kazuhiko Miyajima


- Japoniæ insulæ, The mapping of Japan: Historical Introduction and Cartobibliograhy of European Printed Maps of Japan to 1800
by Jason C. Hubbard 2012 - 444 pages with 374 colour illustrations
Review by Sir Hugh Cortazzi

- History of maps in Japan - Wikipedia

Old maps of Japan

Historical Maps of Japan


Japanese Historical Map Collection contains about 2,300 early maps of Japan and the World. Berkeley

Old maps online, Japan

The Map Room
Map found of famous fortress that vexed shogun Ieyasu (1542-1616)
By Shinya Okudaira July 13, 2016
The map of the Sanada Maru fortress believed to have been drawn around 1690 has been found in Matsue.
On the web, the diagram is rotated 180 degrees to have the north face upward. (Provided by the Matsue History Museum)



Himeji castle, 1761 map


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Cartography in Japan 1994



Nagoya 1821

Cartography in Japan
Unno Kazutaka

dans History of Cartography,
John Brian Harley & David Woodward,U Chicago Press 1994
(volumes disponibles en ligne en pdf, avec illustration monochrome)


+ chap 14,
Japanese Celestial Cartography before the Meiji Period,
Kazuhiko Miyajima

extraits de la conclusion
du chap 11 :

« No other civilization has preserved as many original eighth-century map documents »

« It is in the sixteenth century that coordinated efforts were made to survey and map the provinces, beginning
in 1591 with the government of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.... Large-scale maps of 1:21,600 that covered the country from northernmost Honshu to the Ryukyus were completed in the middle of the seventeenth century.

« There was no wholesale transmission of European scientific mapping until the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
« From the mid-eighteenth century, the influx of Dutch books, globes, and maps, the introduction of the heliocentric Copernican system, and the translation of Dutch atlases of the world and treatises on globe
making into japanese enlarged the Japanese scope of the world through Dutch eyes »

The jesuit Matteo Ricci ‘1552-1610) ' s world map was printed in several versions and became the basis of a printed map trade for maps designed to be hung in houses or published in books and encyclopedias

« A quite different tradition, that of the Buddhist world map (map of the Five Indias), was apparently current in
the seventh century (although the earliest surviving map is from the fourteenth), and survived until the mid-nineteenth century ».

« More comparative studies between the cartographies of Japan, China, and Korea need to be undertaken »


- History of maps in Japan - Wikipedia

Old maps of Japan



Edo 1824 - Commons




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Chicago : History of Cartography


Complete History of Cartography

Les volumes 1, 2 et 3 sont disponibles en ligne en pdf

Volume 1
Cartography in Prehistoric, Ancient, and Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean (1987)

Volume 2
Book 1: Cartography in the Traditional Islamic and South Asian Societies (1992)

Book 2: Cartography in the Traditional East and Southeast Asian Societies (1995)

Chapter 11: Cartography in Japan - Kazutaka Unno

Introduction: The Main Mapping Traditions

Ancient and Medieval Japanese Cartography before the Edo Period
Early Assimilation of European Cartography
The State and Cartography
Development of the Printed Map Trade
Japanese Cartography and "Dutch Learning"
Japanese Mapping of Their Northern Frontier and Coastlines

Chapter 14: Japanese Celestial Cartography before the Meiji Period - Kazuhiko Miyajima

Celestial Maps in Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Celestial Maps in the Edo Period
Hoshi Mandaras
Aboriginal Celestial Cartography

Book 3: Cartography in the Traditional African, American, Arctic, Australian, and Pacific Societies (1998)

Volume 3
Cartography in the European Renaissance (2007) part 1 + part 2

Volume 4  forthcoming
Cartography in the European Enlightenment (forthcoming)

Volume 5 forthcoming
Cartography in the Nineteenth Century (forthcoming)

Volume 6 , part 1 + part 2
Cartography in the Twentieth Century (2015)


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