09 décembre 2014

USA 1973 : the 38 state Union



USA : The 38 state Union

« In the 1970s, geography professor C. Etzel Pearcy proposed redrawing the borders of the US states, reducing them from 50 to 38. Each new state’s name was chosen to represent a physical of cultural aspect of each new territory … Needless to say, the idea never left the drawing board »
[en fait en 1973, George Etzel Pearcy enseignait à la California State University. Il est décédé en 1980, à 75 ans]

Strange Maps, carte publiée par The South Dakota Magazine.

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28 décembre 2011

Twitter et la géo des langues



Les langues utilisées dans la péninsule ibérique sur Twitter - source Eric Fischer

539 - Vive le tweet ! A Map of Twitter's Languages

Frank Jacobs, Strange Maps - http://bigthink.com/ideas/41004

« Online language detection is possible due to Google’s open-sourcing of the CLD (Compact Language Detector) software embedded in its Chrome browse. Mike McCandless extracted the software, Eric Fischer applied it to Twitter ».

La carte d'Eric Fischer à différentes définitions

Data from the Twitter streaming API, May 14-October 20, 2011.
Eric Fischer sur Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/walkingsf


Les langues utilisées sur Twitter en Europe centrale
(L'allemand en rouge, le tchèque en vert, le hongrois en violet, l'italien en bleu)
source Eric Fischer

Commentaire de Frank Jacobs : « The fun really begins in Europe, where some of countries just vanish off the map: Belgium tweets in Dutch and French, Switzerland in mainly in German, with a French bit west of the Röstigraben (3). And other countries emerge out of nowhere: Catalans twitter in their own language, not Spanish. German dominates Central Europe, but a surprisingly large chunk of Austria appears to be tweeting in Italian - as do a lot of dots inside France ».

Lire également ce que Frank Jacobs écrit à propos du Québec

Sur Strange Maps Frank Jacobs a rédigé et mis en ligne 549 billets depuis 2006. « His map "US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDPs" has been viewed more than 587 000 times ».

Parmi les mises en ligne récentes :
538 - Just My Plug: Socket Map of the World
541 - dont Apportioning America - States sized to correspond to their political weight in Congress (in 1911).


An anthology of Strange maps from Frank Jacobs' blog was published by Penguin in 2009.


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