04 juillet 2017

Géo of Tweets



The Geography of Tweets, geotagged tweets from 2009 to 2013
Miguel Rios 31 mai 2013
vues de l'Europe, de New York, de Tokyo, Istanbul

tweet Renaud Epstein, 27 juin 2017


Amazing interactive map of 6.3 billion geotagged tweets
By Aleks Buczkowski 07.12.2014


Eric Fischer
Locals and Tourists
The Geotaggers' World Atlas

The Geotaggers' World Atlas
The maps are ordered by the number of pictures taken in the central cluster of each one. This is a little unfair to aggressively polycentric cities like Tokyo and Los Angeles, which probably get lower placement than they really deserve because there are gaps where no one took any pictures. The central cluster of each map is not necessarily in the center of each image, because the image bounds are chosen to include as many geotagged locations as possible near the central cluster. All the maps are to the same scale (a square measuring 15 miles on each side), chosen to be just large enough for the central New York cluster to fit. The photo locations come from the public Flickr and Picasa search APIs.

Locals and Tourists tries to map which of these pictures are taken by locals and which by tourists.

Researchers map geotagged 'tweets of hate' 19.05.2013
"Only around 1.5 percent of all tweets are geotagged,
as it requires opting-in to Twitter's location services,"

about Eric Fischer


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28 décembre 2011

Twitter et la géo des langues



Les langues utilisées dans la péninsule ibérique sur Twitter - source Eric Fischer

539 - Vive le tweet ! A Map of Twitter's Languages

Frank Jacobs, Strange Maps - http://bigthink.com/ideas/41004

« Online language detection is possible due to Google’s open-sourcing of the CLD (Compact Language Detector) software embedded in its Chrome browse. Mike McCandless extracted the software, Eric Fischer applied it to Twitter ».

La carte d'Eric Fischer à différentes définitions

Data from the Twitter streaming API, May 14-October 20, 2011.
Eric Fischer sur Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/walkingsf


Les langues utilisées sur Twitter en Europe centrale
(L'allemand en rouge, le tchèque en vert, le hongrois en violet, l'italien en bleu)
source Eric Fischer

Commentaire de Frank Jacobs : « The fun really begins in Europe, where some of countries just vanish off the map: Belgium tweets in Dutch and French, Switzerland in mainly in German, with a French bit west of the Röstigraben (3). And other countries emerge out of nowhere: Catalans twitter in their own language, not Spanish. German dominates Central Europe, but a surprisingly large chunk of Austria appears to be tweeting in Italian - as do a lot of dots inside France ».

Lire également ce que Frank Jacobs écrit à propos du Québec

Sur Strange Maps Frank Jacobs a rédigé et mis en ligne 549 billets depuis 2006. « His map "US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDPs" has been viewed more than 587 000 times ».

Parmi les mises en ligne récentes :
538 - Just My Plug: Socket Map of the World
541 - dont Apportioning America - States sized to correspond to their political weight in Congress (in 1911).


An anthology of Strange maps from Frank Jacobs' blog was published by Penguin in 2009.


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