25 janvier 2017

Watsonville - Pajaro Valley



Pajaro Valley, laitues et robe ultra-longue - 1945 ? - (détail)
The Fertile Pajaro Valley is the Heart of Historic Monterey Bay Region
Splendid highways, Excellent schools, fin churches, cheap water...
promotion du territoire par une double page de la Chambre de commerce locale
source David Rumsey Collection


Pajaro Valley 1945, Miles of Silver Beaches et jambes levées - détail en haut de la page suivante :



La source : Live, Work and Play in the beautiful Pajaro Valley
promotion en photos et en texte.
David Rumsey collection




Watsonville, 150 km au sud de San Francisco
sur la carte Google Maps : Sunset State Beach, Manresa State Beach...



Sud-Ouest de Watsonville, photo aérienne, Commons - date non précisée



Sud-Ouest de Watsonville, Google maps



Watsonville, Google maps



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30 juillet 2015

Women in Carto : Emma Willard



25. Emma Willard, author - Map No. 1. The World as Known to the Ancients - 1827

Women in Cartography - Osher Maps 2015 Exhibition
III. Women and Pedagogy

Map No. 1. The World as Known to the Ancients.
So Arranged as to Show by the Characters & Colours Used during Which of the Six Epocha's into Which Ancient Time is Divided, Each Century Become Known.
Entered according to act of Congress 5th. Day of September 1827 by Oliver D. Cooke & Co. of the State of Connecticut.

In William C. Woodbridge and Emma Willard, Ancient Atlas, to Accompany the Universal Geography (Hartford: Belknap and Hamersley, 1827)
Hand-colored copper engraving, 29 x 44

Emma Willard was a respected pioneer in women's education in the U. S. In 1821 she founded the first academy for girls, the Troy Female Seminary, or Emma Willard School. Graduates from Troy went on to found women's colleges across America, offering ever more formal and professionally related curricula as the world of work became more open to women. She wrote many works that all appeared in multiple editions, such as Universal Geography, Geography for Beginners, Abridged History of the United States, and Astronography; or Astronomical Geography.


Cartes d'Emma Willard reproduites sur le site de David Rumsey

Les 9 documents :




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18 août 2013

Plans anciens de Paris



Paris at the outbreak of the French Revolution. 1789
A.K. Johnston F.R.G.S
from Atlas to Archibald Alison's History of Europe
William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh & London 1852

La mise en ligne d'un plan de Paris en 1789 est une occasion de revisiter et d'actualiser
une page web sur les plans anciens de Paris.

Wikimedia Commons a amassé les reproductions majeures.
L'accès et la qualité sont au rendez-vous, plus que chez David Rumsey.

Historic Cities est tjs excellent,
mais plusieurs adresses sont périmées, dont celles de Gallica
et plusieurs de celles citées par M Requillart sur H-Français en mai 2005


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