Postcolonial Realms of Memory :
Sites and Symbols in Modern France
Etienne Achille, Charles Forsdick, Lydie Moudileno
Liverpool U Press / £ 90 – 101 euros


As statues fall : rethinking the blindspots of French national memory
Blog Liverpool UP ,  June 24, 2020

The following chapters from Postcolonial Realms of Memory are free to read below.

Introduction: Postcolonializing lieux de mémoire
by Etienne Achille, Charles Forsdick and Lydie Moudileno

'Memorials and Museums' by Robert Aldrich
'Slavery Memorials' by Anny-Dominique Curtius
'The Abolition of Slavery' by Sophia Khadraoui-Fortune
'Colonial Heroes' by Berny Sèbe

Pour une décolonisation du quotidien,
Mediapart, 27.06.2020