H-France - What the (French) Revolution Means Today


This series, spearheaded by Marisa Linton, commemorates the 230th anniversary of the Revolution,
but also intends to inspire reflection
on what the Revolution may continue to mean for us as scholars, teachers, and citizens.

Five of these interwoven strands follow (released as individual issues), each with contributions from four or five scholars.

Rethinking the French Revolutionary Terror
Edited by Marisa Linton, Kingston University

The first, “Rethinking the French Revolutionary Terror,” edited by Marisa Linton, challenges some of our pervasive assumptions as scholars and teachers of the Revolution. Contributors to this strand question whether it is useful to talk about the Terror as a coherent and capitalized event, and consider what violence and trauma meant at other moments of the Revolution.

The Revolution Abroad
Edited by Annie Jourdan, University of Amsterdam

Revisiting French Revolutionary Culture
Edited by Sophie Matthiesson, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Whose Rights ? The French Revolution and the Present
Edited by Ian Coller, University of California, Irvine

The French Revolution Beyond the Academy
Edited by Guillaume Mazeau, Université Paris-1 Panthéon Sorbonne

Discussion :
230 years after: what does the French Revolution mean today ?