H-France Salon (an interactive journal to enhance the scholarly study of French history and culture).
Volume 10 (2018), Issue 1 (via ND CVUH)


Le Cas '68 - This historical blog, produced by Chris Reynolds' students at Nottingham Trent University, addresses many of the key events and people that marked the spring of 1968 and provides both descriptions of various issues and people and links to more detailed information.  


Here is a list of the previous entries:
24 May. On this day, de Gaulle made his failed television address and Paris witnessed
one of the most intense nights of violence of the 1968 events. Many see this date as a crucial turning point.
In addition, H-France Salon has already published a series of 22 recorded interviews with scholars who were in France in the spring of 1968 and from these interviews produced 18 videos based on themes related to the events and interpretation of '68.  These may be found at H-France Salon, volume 9 (2017), Issue 17, #1-40.


And H-France Salon published an issue with responses to the French Historical Studies forum on May '68 at H-France Salon, volume 10 (2018), Issue 3, #1-3.