Leake's Survey of the City After the Great Fire of 1666 Engraved By W. Hollar, 1667


London The 1666 Great Fire


Dans le magazine Carto n° 45, un article s'intéresse aux plans anciens de Londres (XVI-XVIIe)

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1. From Roman urbs to Stuart City
2. London life in the 18th century
3. Sweet and salutary air: London's surrounding villages
4. Out of sight: the East End
5. The age of improvement
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William Smith's Panorama of London, 1588
John Norden's Guide for Cuntrey men in the... Cittey of London, 1653
Plan for Rebuilding the City by Christopher Wren, 1666
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Civitas Londoni 1600 John Norden 1543-1625

A panorama of London by Claes Visscher, 1616

Leake's Survey of the City After the Great Fire of 1666 Engraved By W. Hollar, 1667

A plan of the City and Liberties of London after the dreadful conflagration in the year 1666: 1756

Plan Des Villes De Londres Et De Westminster et de leurs Faubourgs avec le Bourg de Southwark
Nicolas de Fer 1700

John Rocque London 1746,_1746

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