08 novembre 2017

Shot at Dawn Memorial


In Britain, 20 000 men were found guilty of offences carrying the death penalty
3000 actually received it, and 346 were excecuted
291 British, 25 Canadians...

2006 : Defence Secretary, Des Browne stated that he did not want "to second guess the decisions made by commanders in the field, who were doing their best to apply the rules and standards of the time", but that "it is better to acknowledge that injustices were clearly done in some cases, even if we cannot say which - and to acknowledge that all these men were victims of war".
In 2007, the Armed Forces Act was passed allowing the soldiers to be pardoned posthumously

The Shot at Dawn Memorial is a monument
at the National Memorial Arboretum near Alrewas, in Staffordshire, UK (40 km au N de Birmingham)




Photos via Commons



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Marie Curie, expo au Panthéon



Marie Curie, vers 1903
Wikipedia et Commons d'après hypescience


 Marie Curie, une femme au Panthéon

dossier de presse de l'expo


- La pionnière aux deux Nobel
La jeune Polonaise arrive à Paris en septembre 1891
En 1903, Marie Curie obtient le prix reçoit Nobel de physique avec son mari Pierre Curie et Henri Becquerel.
Le prix Nobel de chimie lui est décerné en 1911

- Marie Curie (1867-1934)



Pierre et Marie Curie dans le jardin des Curie à Sceaux avec leurs bicyclettes, 1895
Source : Musée Curie


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Guardian : Revolution, what revolution ?


- Revolution, what revolution ?
Russians show little interest in 1917 centenary, The Guardian, 06.11.2017

- Why does the Russian revolution matter ?
China Miéville, The Guardian 06.05.2017

- Photos de Lénine - expo de qq jours à Oxford, The North Wall http://www.thenorthwall.com/


Moscow. Russian Republic. Vladimir Lenin talking with Vladimir Zagorsky,
First Secretary of the Moscow Communist Party, in Red Square
Alamy - Tass  Taken: 5 January 1919 / Getty - 1 May 1919


Lénine, Moscou, 5 mai 1920 ? d'après Google images et http://www.lct-cwb.be


La collection Getty a repris la version recadrée pour éviter Trotsky
et ajoute une photo avec Lénine :-)


autre cadrage, Alamy


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