- Google and Facebook moved Tuesday to cut off advertising revenue to fake news sites,
after a wave of criticism over the role misinformation played in the US presidential election - AFP

Paul Horner, the 38-year-old impresario of a Facebook fake-news empire - Washington Post, 17.11.2016

La bulle algorithmique cache la forêt des intérêts financiers
Le cas de Peter Thiel (paypal) et des contrats en faveur de Palantir

Antonio A. Casilli,
« Qui a fait élire Trump ? Pas les algorithmes, mais des millions de “tâcherons du clic” sous-payés », 17.11.2016

Is oDesk a global marketplace?
Visualizing the geographies of digital work,
Etude de l’Oxford Internet Institute (13.04.2015) sur les nouvelles formes d’inégalités planétaires.
Les pays du Sud deviennent les producteurs de micro-tâches pour les pays du Nord

Sessins Pompeo Flyn - Guardian 18.11.2016
Hawkish trio – Jeff Sessions as attorney general, Mike Pompeo as CIA chief
and Michael Flynn as national security adviser – have made inflammatory statements
about race relations, immigration, Islam and the use of torture
For liberals, these appointments will « undo decades of progress ».
They appeared to confirm some of their darkest fears about the incoming Trump administration

Op-Ed: How Provocation Works and How to Respond
Joshua Cole  The Michigan Daily 13.11.2016 (source aggior)