Cambridge 1572,
Braun and Hogenberg, Civitates Orbis Terrarum, map II-1

Loggan's Cantabrigia Illustrata
Nombreuses reproductions dans Commons's_Cantabrigia_Illustrata

Old plans of Cambridge, 1574-1798,
by Richard Lyne, George Braun, John Hamond, Thomas Fuller,
David Loggan and William Custance - réédition 1921

Cambridge, Cartographic Evidence

Richard Lyne in 1574
William Smith’s map of 1588
John Speed’s map of 1610
The 1688 map of Cambridge by David Loggan
The 1763 map of Cambridge
the 1798 William Custance map
Richard Grey Baker’s 1830 map of Cambridge
A map of Cambridge in 1840 by J. Dewhurst and W. Nichols
1901 & 1926  Ordnance Survey


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