Francis Galton's first known isochronic map 1881

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L'article reproduit deux cartes :
Isochronic Passage Chart by Francis Galton* 1881
Isochrone Map: Austro-Hungarian Empire Railway Network 1912

* Francis Galton (1822-1911) :

Des cartes pour évaluer les temps de déplacement, Thot Cursus 24.011.2014

- Isochrone Map, l'article de Wikipedia reproduit la carte de Galton en 1881
World Travel times in 1881 from London
Francis Galton's first known isochronic map published for the Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society, 1881

Il existe : Isochronic postal map of the world, 1889

Isochronic Distance Chart, 1904. Average Tariff Chart, 1906



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Fantastic isochronic map showing 1914 travel times from London around the world


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#Isochrone #map of the #Austro-Hungarian empire #railway network in 1912

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Carte des communications rapides entre Paris et le reste de la France 1882

Vintage isochrone maps show 19th-century travel times