Calcutta 1832
Map of the city and environs of Calcutta constructed chiefly from Major Schalch’s map
and from Captain Prinsep’s Surveys of the suburbs (source JCF)


Calcutta en 2015 d'après Google Maps ( le Nord est à gauche)

An exhibition in Delhi lends a perspective on the cities' past in India

Calcutta 's history
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Calcutta au XIXe en images

Historical images


Grain boats near Alipore bridge in Calcutta


L'article reproduit également des plans de Delhi en 1857 et en 1913
et de Bangalore en 1794



Pour Bombay / Mumbai, consulter Wikipedia et le site Old Indian Photos

Mumbai 1888 map

History of Mumbai

Bombay au XIXe

Bombay landscape by Francis Frith

31.08.2015 : Cosmology to Cartography - Mapping India - expo National Museum New Delhi 2015