selfie at the entrance to Auschwitz, in front of the ever-famous Arbeit Macht Frei sign. Forward 04.07.2015
La photo est un montage de Nikki Casey


Will a Selfie at Auschwitz Make You Free?
Alexandra Levine, Forward, July 4, 2015

A selfie at the entrance to Auschwitz, in front of the ever-famous Arbeit Macht Frei sign ?
« Maybe that person (making a selfie) is just trying to document the story in a peculiar yet effective way ».

« More than 50 locations worldwide have formally banned selfie sticks...
But what about protecting the sanctity of a place and the feelings of those who visit?
There are no selfie stick bans at Auschwitz ».

Le Forward (« News that Matters to American Jews ») s'intéresse beaucoup aux selfies :
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"A handful of selfies - no matter how ill-advised - are not among those problems. The kids are, in a word, alright".

Sans oublier celui aux obsèques de Mandela

Alexandra Levine écrit :
« When I left Auschwitz, I couldn’t formulate sentences or articulate thoughts. But over the days that followed, I thought about how my visit to Auschwitz was so much more real than learning about it ten times over in Hebrew school, then again in elementary school, and again in high school and college. It suddenly struck me that in the next ten-or-so years, the last Holocaust survivors — many of whom we’ve had the honor of interviewing, hearing at lectures and getting to know in more intimate settings - may pass. My own children will learn only from textbooks, never from a survivor, and that’s a scary thing ».

Le mépris habituel d'un journaliste à l'égard du travail réalisé par les historiens ?