10 février 2015

Le genou d'Héraclite



Le genou d'Héraclite - Raphaël, L'école d'Athènes (détail)


- Doctors Enlist Paintings to Hone Skills, Amy Dockser Marcus, Wall Street Journal, 31.12.2014
More physicians are offering a different perspective on paintings by diagnosing pieces of art.

« When she saw a picture of Italian Renaissance painter Raphael’s The School of Athens, she couldn’t take her eyes off the lone figure sitting on the stairs off to the side from the other philosophers, his solemn face looking downward.
The figure in the painting was Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher. Many art historians believe the portrait is based on Raphael’s contemporary and rival, Michelangelo - just one of the reasons the work is so famous.
But Dr. Walker says the figure caught her attention for a different reason. « He doesn’t have a normal knee », she says. With a physician’s trained eye, she immediately noted the swollen joint and the unusual lumps and bumps around the knee cap ».

- C'est grave docteur ? traduction dans Courrier International, 29.01.2015
Aux Etats-Unis, des écoles de médecine invitent leurs étudiants à scruter les tableaux de maîtres pour aiguiser leur diagnostic.


Raphaël, L'école d'Athènes, Rome 1509-1510 - 770 × 500 cm
Wikipedia : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/L'école_d'Athènes - détails dans Commons
WGA : http://www.wga.hu/frames-e.html?/html/r/raphael/4stanze/1segnatu/1/index.html

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