18 juillet 2014

UK Education : Nicky Morgan


source : The Guardian

Outre-Manche, dans le remaniement pré-électoral, Cameron a nommé une femme à l'Education
Education sexretary » NR,BBC -  she is also Minister for Women and Equality).

- « Who is Nicky Morgan ? Well, at least she isn't Michael Gove »

Nicky Morgan is a former Treasury junior minister.
She did vote for all of Gove 's education reforms.

« She is a serious Christian who voted against gay marriage. When she was made minister for women, they had to remove "and equalities" from the title. Now Cameron has given it back to her, but put someone else in charge of the whole gay marriage thing ».

commentaire d'un collègue anglais :
«  As far as I can gather, the new education secretary was privately educated in a single-sex school, and voted against gay marriage primarily on religious grounds... Based on this she appears to be a traditionalist on the right-wing of the party and seems to have been brought in as a new face for the government's reforms rather than any radical rethink. I think what we can expect to see is a change in style and presentation, not substance ».

- Michael Gove’s departure is no dream come true – the damage is done - Lola Okolosie, The Guardian
Not all of the former education secretary’s ideas were disasters, but he showed a lack of respect for our expertise as teachers
« Under Gove we have seen a raft of changes that have shown the former education secretary’s belief in himself as a visionary maverick who is unwilling to listen to the legitimate concerns of teachers, parents and pupils. His actions have often resulted in embarrassing U-turns betraying the speed with which many of his policies have been hashed together. The Gove era saw much activity in haste and less repentance in leisure ».

Michael Gove becomes Chief Whip


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