- Lausanne 2014 - Digital Humanities  #DH2014 - July 7 to 12, 2014
Les humanités digitales désignent tout ce qui est à l'intersection des sciences humaines et sociales / de l'informatique.

Claire Clivaz et Frédéric Kaplan, les organisateurs, présentent le colloque à la radio suisse (12 minutes).
Dans la seconde partie, écouter FK sur The Venice Time Machine Project

Le programme en 15 pages :

DH2014 Abstracts Proceedings, 68 pages au format pdf

Digital Cultural Empowerment (p 22)

GIS in the Digital Humanities (p 14)
Archaeology in social media (p 400)
Maya Epigraphy (p 167)

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« Through the theme “Digital Cultural Empowerment”, the conference encourages submissions that bridge the gaps between humanities corpora and actual digital practices used to understand, analyse, and share them. This includes digital dissemination of patrimonial content, participatory experiences, environments that improve digital literacy, and research that evaluates the effectiveness of such kind of projects. We also welcome submissions that study the underlying challenges and issues of such cultural empowerment processes, for example the joining of Western and non Western scholarship, or the maintenance of the core-values of the humanities (critical sense, close reading, excellency in details) while articulating them with new opportunities offered by the digital revolution (distant reading, large scale of information data sets, data visualisation) ».

- Humanistica, l'association francophone : http://www.humanisti.ca/