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8 février 2012

L'Ecole, antichambre de la prison ?

source : The Guardian 09.01.2012

Texas - The US schools with their own police
- Chris McGreal - The Guardian, 09.01.2012

« Each day, hundreds of schoolchildren appear before courts in Texas charged with offences such as swearing, misbehaving on the school bus or getting in to a punch-up in the playground. Children have been arrested for possessing cigarettes, wearing inappropriate clothes and being late for school...
... The result, says the Appleseed report, is that school-to-prison pipeline in which a high proportion of children who receive tickets and end up in front of a court are arrested time and again because they are then marked out as troublemakers or find their future blighted by a criminal record...
... Why is the state criminalising normal childhood behaviour ? »

Le Texas, un modèle de société pour les libéraux-autoritaires et les droites en Europe ?
« The British government is studying the American experience in dealing with gangs, unruly young people and juvenile justice in the wake of the riots in England. The UK's justice minister, Crispin Blunt, visited Texas last September to study juvenile courts and prisons, youth gangs and police outreach in schools, among other things. But his trip came at a time when Texas is reassessing its own policy. (In the Texas state, the age of criminal responsibility is 10.) »

Article traduit dans Courrier International no 1109, sous le titre  Au Texas, un bon élève est un élève fliqué


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